Drehpartner gesucht!!

Drehpartner gesucht: Hallöchen, für den 13. Februar suche ich wieder Drehpartner für neue Clips. Gedreht wird in einem Hotel in Münster und natürlich filmt ein Kameramann das Ganze. Du wirst MIT Gesicht gefilmt, die Chance also erkannt zu werden ist bei meiner Reichweite und meinem Bekanntheitsgrad relativ hoch. Alles kein Problem für dich? Prima, dann schick mir deine Bewerbung (per privater Nachricht - KENNWORT " USERDREH") mit Bildern vom Gesicht, deinem Body und deinem besten Stück und deiner Mailadresse. Dann schaue ich ob es passt für einen Dreh. Bussi Tina PS: NUR ERNST GEMEINTE ANFR… Read more

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Smooches Lady Rae

Smooches Lady Rae
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Julia`s Deal am Wochenende

-> 20€ Bonus zu deiner Aufladung ab 60€ -> CODE: JULIAPINK-JPTOP20 Gültig bis 04.08.2021 auf https://www.juliapink.tv/Read more

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Auktion endet bald- Jetzt noch mitbieten!!!!!

Findest Du, dieser kurze Rock steht mir gut? Ich habe diesen Rock oft in meiner Freizeit und zu Veranstaltungen getragen und nun soll er bald Dir gehören. Für Dich trage ich den Bleistiftrock ein letztes Mal, bevor ich ihn zu Dir schicke. https://www.laracumkitten.shop/auktionen/schwarzes-minikleid-mit-reissverschlussRead more

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Lass dich Überraschen!!!!

Du hast Lust auf etwas richtig Ausgefallenes? Dann wird Dir meine Männerüberraschung garantiert gefallen! Freue Dich auf einen Masturbator, den Du mit einem heißen Video von mir genießen kannst. Weil das natürlich noch nicht genug ist, gibt es noch einen Überraschungsgutschein dazu. Lass uns dieses neuartige Abenteuer zusammen genießen! -> https://bit.ly/3f6HVOi <-… Read more

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I don't answer messages on here it does not

Matter how many times I get insults or how many times that you right hi or the same copy and paste that you send to everyone. I don't have time to answer all the messages the vast majority want sex chat or demands to meet up etc I have also had i*****l content sent through the message system on here so now I don't even look at the pics. Once you have seen something you can't get it out of your head you can't unsee things. Many people are asking for things which are on the links on my profile which fully explains what is where. The linktr.ee link has all my links on so everything is on there fo… Read more

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What the fuck do I want with your cum? You jerking off is not a tribute to me. Seems like many of you would jerk off to paint drying. How is that a tribute? Fifties and hundreds... now that's a tribute!… Read more

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lovebuddha22 needs a nap

lovebuddha22 wanted to be "friends" until he found out that that friendship doesn't come with benefits. So now that makes me a cunt. Yes, I reported his comments. Yes, I blocked him and he blocked me, but I'm not sure if he unblocks to read what I write and then be nasty. Pretty good for a dude who considers himself a "unicorn". I'm pretty sure I made it clear that I'm here to watch porn and chat with (relatively sane) people. I don't understand why this is so damn difficult.… Read more

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Let me clarify...

Yes, I said I don't want to see pictures of your dick. This does not mean send me a close up picture of your asshole and the back of your balls. This is not a better angle or body part. Why would this even need to be said? I fear for the future of the male gender.… Read more

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I'll use small words so you understand...

I get asked "Do you like 'X'?" a lot. (X can be 'women', 'young men'. 'trans', 'older men', etc.). I respond "It depends on the X." Which is true, because there are no two Xs that are the same. But, somehow, this answer baffles the fuck out of people! I don't get it; am I using words that are too difficult?… Read more

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Porn is NOT an educational video...

No, really! Porn is not reality. People don't normally a) act that way, b) look that way, or c) talk that way. And you shouldn't (or don't) either. Let me break it down the basics for you: a) Most women have the money to pay the plumber/mechanic/pizza boy, and aren't just waiting around for some random dude to fuck them. b) This is a site full of professional porn stars; most likely you don't look like them the same way I don't look like them. What makes you think I want to see a naked pic of you when I can look at THEM? c) Stop getting your vocabulary from porn. Most women in the real world… Read more

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Being Horny is NOT an Achievement.

When someone you've never (or barely) spoken to before asks how you're doing - on any type of site - saying "I'm horny" like it's some amazing accomplishment makes you sound like an idiot. Especially when you're on a site like this one. This is a friggin' porn site; why the fuck are you still horny? Take care of it! I mean, what do you think is going to happen? That I am going to be sooooooo stunned at the miracle of you being hard, it's going to make me all horny and want to appease your horniness? Again, you're on a friggin' porn site. Take care of it. You announcing that you're horny on… Read more

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Posting vom 03.03.2021

Ich wünsche euch einen schönen Abend! Ich hoffe ihr seit gut in den März gestartet?!… Read more

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Posting vom 22.04.2021

Ich wünsche euch einen wunderschönen Abend und später gute Nacht. Ich bin noch ein wenig vor der Livecam für euch auf Scout69!… Read more

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Fuck off Winter!!welcome Spring <3

my favorite tit wants to welcome the coming spring… Read more

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Dear Fans I'd like to take the time to thank ALL my Friends , Fans and Family for all your support through out the years looking forward to getting back in front of the camera real soon. in the meantime visit my websites at julie-clarke.com Thanks again Love Julie Miss March 1991… Read more

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My name really is Ingrid, ENJOY, pretty please!!!

Some times I get so HORNY that I cry a lot, and then I MASTURBATE myself 'OFF' like twenty times every day and again every night too, I am 'painfully' DESPERATE to have some nice HORNY COCKS to lovingly SUCK-ON, or nice WET PUSSES to LOVE and PLEASURE, or to be TAKEN and my OVERSIZED and OVERSENSITIVE PUSSY 'SCREWED SILLY' all day long and all night long too, so as 'relief' I do SEX-CRAZY things like 'post' my secret private NAKEDNESS SELFIES on the WWW for everyone everywhere to TAKE and USE and ENJOY, pretty please!!!… Read more

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Enjoy the Sunday.... Kiss DaCada

Good Morning....Enjoy the Sunday. Kiss DaCada… Read more

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Mach den Weg frei

Mach den Weg frei! Ich habe hinter Dir jemanden gesehen, der ganz interessant scheint. Ein unbehauener Edelstein. Einer, der sich als ein guter Sklave erweisen wird. Einen, bei dem ich schon zarte Bande bemerke, ohne das er von mir weiß. Du bist gerade nur unwichtig und störst.… Read more

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Posting vom 03.07.2021

Ich wünsche euch ein schönen Samstag Abend. Bei uns scheint die Sonne in Hamburg. Wie ist das Wetter bei euch?!… Read more

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Hello all sweet people

Just wanted to say that i love this site cause everybody is so Nice here… Read more

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Und ihr so?

https://www.juliapink.tv Sommertage... bald geht's nach Malle. Wünsch euch allen eine wunderschöne Woche. Kisses Julia… Read more

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I love anything about sex and rubber clothing and clothes… Read more

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Mein OnlyFans Profil ist wieder da :) https://onlyfans.com/lillieprivat schau doch mal vorbei !!! Jeden Tag neue Bilder und Videos für schmale Taler… Read more

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Posting vom 05.12.2020

Ich wünsche euch einen wunderschönen Start ins Wochenende!… Read more

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Claudia Jung Fan Forum

Ihr seit verrückt nach Claudia Jung, ihr sammelt und onaniert regelmäßig auf die sexy Bilder! Hier dürft ihr euch austauschen und sagen was euch an Claudia Jung so gut gefällt. You are crazy about Claudia Jung, you collect all the pictures of the lady and masturbate regularly on her pictures! Here you can exchange ideas and show what you like so much about Claudia Jung.… Read more

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Droplets and fountains

The taste, the fragrance, the texture so erotic. Erupting in warm cascades of overflowing lust. I take pleasure in your gifts and drink you eagerly. I yearn for your climaxes and the adventures on which you take me ...… Read more

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Sweet dreams

Sweet dreams <3… Read more

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